Some Notes About Nate



Nate Word on the Street 2015

This blog is managed by Nate Hendley, a Toronto-based writer and author. I have several books in print, primarily in the true-crime genre. You can find out more of my books by clicking here.

For more information about my professional background, please visit my website at

Here are my crime books at Amazon, Barnes and NobleGoogle Books, my publisher ABC-CLIO, my publisher Five Rivers and my publisher Lorimer.

I have a blog at which focuses on motivation for writers.

You can follow me on Twitter at @natehendley

Feel free to contact me with any comments, queries or criticism at

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One thought on “Some Notes About Nate

  1. Nate. I am very happy to see you out in CyberSpace. Your authentic nature stands true and is so factually expressed in your literary reasoning. Congratulations on all of your books. I am so very happy for you. Hope you are well. Cheryl

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