“Boy on the Bicycle” Interview on YouTube

By Nate Hendley

I was recently interviewed about my book, The Boy on the Bicycle (about Ron Moffatt, wrongly convicted of murder at age 14 in 1956 in Toronto) by Sharon Crawford, for her program, “Crime Beat Confidential”. Moffatt was falsely accused of murdering a child who was actually the victim of notorious serial killer Peter Woodcock.

Sharon is a veteran freelance writer and author of several novels, including a series involving detective Dana Bowman. Her latest novel, Beyond Faith: A Dana Bowman Mystery, was released last year.

The show was posted September 17, 2018 on YouTube and can be seen here.

The Boy on the Bicycle is available at AmazonChapters and through publisher Five Rivers.

(Nate Hendley is a Toronto-based freelance journalist and true-crime author. His website http://www.natehendley.com/ offers more details about his books and background)




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