My newly revised book on Al Capone.

My short book on Al Capone has been revised and re-released. Check it out at:


“About a year into Capone’s apprenticeship as a bouncer at the low-end Harvard Inn, an unusually good-looking young lady entered the premises, alongside a hard-eyed male companion. Capone could not stop staring at the girl. She was cute and classy, unlike most of the other patrons in the dingy bar.

Capone boldly walked up to the girl and flashed her a toothy grin. He leaned forward and told her she had a great derriere. The girl blushed while her escort leapt to his feet, outraged. As patrons in the bar turned to watch, Capone and the young chaperone exchanged blows. Capone did not see the knife in the man’s hand until it was slashing his face.

Capone yelped in pain and put a hand to his bleeding cheek. Having wounded his opponent, the young man with the knife grabbed the girl’s hand and raced out of the bar. The man’s name was Frank Gallucio. Like Capone, Gallucio was an up-and-coming criminal. The girl with him was his sister.

Capone’s wounds were not life threatening, but they were disfiguring. He ended up with a four-inch slash mark on his left cheek, a two-inch gash along the left side of his jaw, and a third wound behind his left ear.

Neighborhood opinion was that Gallucio had done right by defending his sister’s honor. After Capone
made a formal apology to Gallucio, the matter was considered closed.

Once his wounds healed, Capone took a perverse pride in his scars. A face full of slash marks had a way of impressing people or frightening them.”


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